E Commerce Solutions

E Commerce Solutions


Attracting, converting and retaining online consumers is an enormous challenge for companies today. Traditional eCommerce is no longer enough to acquire and retain customers. Many eCommerce enterprises face low conversion rates, high shopping cart abandonments, shifting customer loyalties, and high operational and customer acquisition costs.


Online consumers are demanding a richer user experience, greater product information, and more active community participation. Choosing the right eCommerce solution is critical as enterprises look to re-platform, launch new direct-to-consumer commerce presence, or expand into new geographies.

The IT Zone CommerceEdge, the eCommerce platform is delivered to the enterprise with the SaaS model. It enables businesses to maximize sales, deliver a superior customer experience across channels, and reduce customer engagement cost.

Our platform is built on state-of-the art eCommerce software. It delivers industry-specific applications that enable enterprises to:

  • Drive multi-channel sales
  • Personalize the online shopping experience
  • Implement segment-based strategies
  • Provide robust merchandizing support